Jeanne and Pat rocked my world. Over the course of three part-time days, these amazing women helped me tackle the clutter and disorganization of my garage, basement, laundry room, kitchen, office, and three hall closets - the build-up of the four years since moving into my house. With non-judgement, positive energy, great design, obvious know-how and experience, Pat and Jeanne moved through spaces that had been feeling too cumbersome to tackle on my own and made transformation easy, stress-free, and fun. They’re like Mary Poppinses or hard-working Angels of Peaceful Spaces - I am so grateful and so delighted as I move through and live in my refined and beautifully simplified home.
— Gretchen O.
Jeanne and Pat were so kind and helpful throughout the time that they were in our home. My wife and I are foster parents who went from having a toddler to a high needs newborn in a short amount of time. Life got hectic and we needed some help getting our home back in order. The two days that Jeanne and Pat worked on our home made a wonderful difference and got us incredibly organized. We were so thankful and it was like a weight had been taken off our shoulders. I highly recommend Jeanne and Pat for when you need to get your house back in order. They do amazing work.
— Patrick K.
I highly recommend Tailorly! Pat and Jeanne swooped and helped me think through and organize a tricky kitchen and helped me settle into a new home office. I’m pretty organized but I need a fresh pair of eyes to look at how best to use storage. I am hoping to work with them again soon!
— Lindsay W.
I really needed help cleaning out and organizing my overflowing closets. I had clothes in every room of the house and the piles were continuing to grow. Who has the time or energy to clean out closets when you work full-time? Who wants to waste a precious weekend (or two or three!) doing this?

After being completely frustrated and overwhelmed, I finally contacted Tailorly Professional Home Organizing. Jeanne and Pat met with me to discuss exactly what I needed help with and they assessed the situation and came up with a plan. They immediately began to transform my closets and my home into something that was peaceful and calming – rather than the current state of messy, chaotic and stressful!

Jeanne and Pat were professional, efficient and actually made the process rather fun. What was really important for me is that they did not bully, shame or embarrass me. They broke the whole process down into manageable sections because purging (even unwanted things) can be extremely emotional and very hard work. I was able to part with 10 full garbage bags of clothes.

The true triumph came about three weeks later when I was able to open my closet up and pick out that I wanted to wear in two seconds rather than the usual hour – going from one pile to the next pile – most of the time not finding what I wanted.

Because there are two of them, we were able to finish the task in half the time. With the left over time, they helped me refresh and declutter up my kitchen. They both have a wonderful eye for decorating while keeping functionality in mind.

I would highly recommend Jeanne and Pat, especially if you’ve ever wanted to get help but didn’t know how to go about it. I am definitely going to use them again to help me with my home office and garage.
— Kerry M.
I had so much fun organizing my home office - I can’t wait to move on to the next rooms.
— Margaret W.
I am a realtor who recommended Tailorly to my seller, who was preparing to move from her home of 40 + years, and feeling a bit overwhelmed in the process. I referred her to Tailorly, and she was completely thrilled with the process and the outcome. They helped her sort, purge, organize and pack as she prepared for the marketing of her home, and her eventual move to a new place. The Tailorly ladies were professional, personable, and supportive through the whole process, even helping arrange for donations of goods to charities to be picked up. I will gladly refer them to more of my clients in the future as the need arises!
— Kathy Ratto, Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties
As busy parents of 3 young children, organization had been put on the back burner for years in my household. Items not currently in use, would be shoved in closets and cabinets. With old maternity clothes, toys and papers piling up, my husband and I were starting to feel like there might not be an end in sight for our constant state of clutter and disorganization. Making matters worse, my husband suffers from allergies and the dust on old papers and clutter caused him discomfort and both of us stress.

All of this changed this summer when my husband decided to take the kids on a trip by himself.....I declared that I would stay home and organize. Something I could not wait to do! We were both hopeful that the 7 days I would have to myself would be the answer to our years of disorganization...but we also knew that even with serious effort on my part, the job was still overwhelming. Where can I set up an office for myself, rather than floating my office clutter from room to room like I had been? Where should we store crafts the kids can access by themselves, now that they are getting old enough for independence with scissors, markers and glue? How should we store wedding gifts that we haven’t used in 10 years of marriage?

Enter Jeanne and Pat, founders of Taylorly. They came to us by recommendation and were the perfect pair to guide me in my week-long project. I had hesitated in the past to seek the help of organizers out of embarrassment over my clutter and fear that a professional would push me into organizing in a way that wouldn’t feel right to me. I’m so glad I took a chance with Jeanne and Pat, as my experience could not have been further form what I feared. It was amazing! They worked along my side that week, listening to my organizational needs, making thoughtful and creative suggestions and providing perspective that felt impossible for me to achieve on my own. They helped me part with items that I didn’t love or use..hint, hint those dusty wedding gifts still sitting in boxes. Not only were Jeanne and Pat easy to work with, they made it fun! I truly enjoyed all of the time we spent together that week and I felt elated with the finished product! Their goal was to help me feel “lighter” in my own house...and I most definitely do. I look forward to having them back from time to time for tune-ups, as organization is ever changing in its needs, especially in a busy household. Thank you Jeanne and Pat!
— Holly E.
Jeanne and Pat with Tailorly are absolute professionals and a pleasure to work with. They are extremely personable, knowledgeable, and creative when working with Clients on their organizational needs. I would refer them to any of my Interior Design Clients again in the future.
— Lauren Berry Interior Design
Jeanne and Pat just finished helping me organize and declutter 2 bedrooms, a hallway closet and my kitchen pantries. They are calm and hard-working, with attention to detail and great ideas on how to both organize and make a space visually appealing. A few months ago they did my 2-car garage, which was a huge project. I liked the results so much, I knew they would be coming back to help with the main living areas.
— Cynthia E.
Pat and Jeanne from Tailorly were so great to work with!! They worked their magic with a very strange, triangular linen closet, making it both beautiful and functional. They also packed up my kitchen, in record time, so I could prep for my home remodel. They are super organized and creative.
— Maria R.
After a remodel of my living areas, my common areas were barren and in need of furniture and decorations. I hired Jeanne and Pat to help me select furniture and wall art to liven up my home to make it warm and inviting. I was impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism. Definitely a pleasure to work with!
— M.L.