Your New Listing will be a Standout!  Let Tailorly work with you and your seller to create a beautiful listing free of clutter and tastefully styled. Impress your sellers, potential buyers, and other realtors by presenting your listing in its best light. Offer Tailorly Services as part of your marketing plan when competing with other realtors for a new listing. Tailorly Gift Certificates are available in any amount.

Suggested Service: 

Living Spaces:  Remove personal items such as family photos, knick-knacks, books, magazines and other clutter. Pack or donate excess items.  Arrange remaining accessories in a stylish fashion.

Kitchen Clear all items from refrigerator surface.  Remove small appliances and other items from countertops. Suggest stylish accessories such as greenery to fill empty corners and add color. Organize supplies under kitchen sink in container. Remove other excess items from view.

Bathrooms: Organize supplies under sink in containers. Remove excess items. Clear clutter from countertops. If necessary, suggest new towels and shower curtain.

Bedrooms: Make sure all bedrooms have an obvious purpose whether it is a master bedroom, child’s bedroom, home office, guest room, or craft room. Suggest removing items that do not fulfill the intended purpose for the room (for example, exercise equipment in an office, or office furniture in a master bedroom).

Closets: Pack off-season clothing and shoes. Pare down excess clothing so closets appear larger .Remove any items that are not necessary while home is listed. Organize remaining items in stylish baskets and boxes provided by the seller or purchased from Tailorly. Remove excess sheets and towels from linen closet. Pack other miscellaneous items.


Listed prices include two organizers. We always work together so the job is done in half the time.  

  • 4-hour package: $500
  • 10-hour package: $1200
  • 20-hour package: $2375
  • Packages include a complimentary 30 minute phone assessment with your client
  • Gift Certificates available in any amount
  • Packing Services also available (we do not move heavy items and furniture)