A Passion for Organization

Long time friends, Pat and Jeanne have a passion for everything home.  They have consulted with each other over the years on home remodels, decorating projects, and efficient household management.  Over time, they discovered the secret of a truly tranquil home through decluttering, organizing, and styling. Pat and Jeanne feel that your home should be a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and recharge. They believe this is only possible in a clutter-free, organized environment where everything has its place. They've adopted the mantra "Love it Madly or Need it Badly" and think this should apply to every item in your home.  If you do not truly love something or truly need it you should discard it.  Let Pat and Jeanne help you discover the peace and tranquility you have been craving.  A beautifully organized home is within reach even if your life includes a partner, children, and pets!    

For years I put off dealing with the garage because I knew it would be a huge task. Jeanne and Pat came in and together we did a complete makeover of the space. They were efficient and organized, giving me advice/guidance but letting me make the decisions. I downsized and reorganized so now everything is easy to find and looks neat and tidy!
— Cynthia E.