Jeanne & Pat from Tailorly Home were here last week and we worked on a portion of the garage. You can imagine what it was like between my own things, K’s and all of the “stuff” from LV. Thanks to the awesome help from Pat & Jeanne the gardening tools, home tools and pots all have a home and when we need a tool we can easily find it AND put it away. Clean up is so much easier when things have a clear, accessible, labeled home. They were able to repurpose things we already had for the project which turned excess containers from clutter to useful. The gift certificate to Tailorly Home was an incredible gift. Thank you.
— Linda S.

Many homeowners downsizing to a smaller place have lived in their existing home for 20, 30, or even 40 plus years. The thought of moving can be overwhelming. The closets are packed with belongings that have accumulated over the years. Children have moved out but somehow forgot to take 18 years of clutter with them. Many people have a sentimental attachment to these treasures. We work with you room by room to sort through your possessions and help you determine what to donate, sell, toss, or pack. We pack items that you are keeping and arrange for the donation or removal of other items. Our style is professional yet compassionate and nonjudgmental because we understand this process can be emotionally draining.


Listed prices include two organizers. We always work together so the job is done in half the time. 

Initial Phone Consultation: Complimentary

On-site Organization Services: $125/hr

10 hour package ($50 discount): $1200

20 hour package ($125 discount): $2375

Shopping Services: Prices available upon request